2nd Annual Joost Company Meeting

20 07 2007

Joost!Just a few notes before I wrap up my stuff and head home after three days spent at the 2nd Annual Joost Company Meeting. A word of warning: this is totally devoid of any technical or business information, as the company still likes to be somewhat secretive—and justifiably so. Besides, I know almost nothing about the business issues and what I know about the technical ones would bore you to death.

The beach party and barbecue was a blast and we had lots of fun playing football and cricket on the beach. Some pictures are here.

The weather has been sunny and pleasantly warm (with some cold wind at the beachfront), but today returned to the usual Dutch, rainy, windy grey. However it’s still great compared to the mid-30’s we have in Italy these days.

Yesterday we went to see BoomChicago in Amsterdam. I must say that I wasn’t expecting to have many good laughs, after having seen some of their videos, which tend to leave me a bit cold. However I quickly discovered that what they’re really good at is improv, something that doesn’t translate too well to a recorded video format. Watching them perform live is a completely different experience though, so I suggest that you pay them a visit, if you happen to be in Amsterdam.

I made acquaintance with Loic Le Meur, a fact which doubles the number of famous bloggers 😉 I had the pleasure of meeting recently. The other one is Dave Winer, of course.

Me and a couple of friends from the ASF tried to talk him into applying Open Source principles to his new venture. I don’t know whether any of it makes sense, or if it was just the effect of the wine that was served at the table. I guess we’ll see soon.

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4 responses

20 07 2007

Hello Ugo, was great meeting you there, I’m not sure about the wine, but sure I want to try this model ! I count on your help 🙂 Bon week-end see you soon

26 07 2007

Where Can i obtain an Invite to the Joost Website?

29 08 2007
Romulos Rafael Catingub

hi man I really like to try the joost and experience what you guise experience, hope you could give me an invite. Im a filipino from Cebu, Philippines hoping for your invite. Thank You.

19 09 2008
Joost v2 at Agylen

[…] haven’t been working for Joost for quite a while, more than one year actually. But I knew already then that they were working on a […]

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