Will they fire him?

29 09 2007

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Shock at archbishop condom claim: “The head of the Catholic Church in Mozambique has told the BBC he believes some European-made condoms are infected with HIV deliberately.

Maputo Archbishop Francisco Chimoio claimed some anti-retroviral drugs were also infected ‘in order to finish quickly the African people’.”

605572441_69e367d1b5_m.jpgOf course, if Pope Ratzi and his minions had any decency they would have fired the lying scumbag already, but I’m not holding my breath. They will probably do nothing or, at most, move the dickhead (the picture on the right is an actual depiction of the brand of condoms the archbishop uses) to a different diocese where he will be able to continue misleading and harming his flock.

They should also have the decency to ask Chimoio to reveal the name of the other European country that is infecting condoms with HIV. We all know the first one is the Vatican, right?

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