12 10 2007

Extensions – .me : Montenegro ready to go live – DomainesInfo: “The local registry has just put up its new website and hopes to start registering .ME domains in the first quarter of next year.

Domaines.Info spoke to the .ME registry’s technical manager, who explained Montenegro’s plans for going live on the Internet, following the ICANN’s board decision earlier this month to delegate .ME to the country’s government.

On top of the main .ME domain, the Montenegrin namespace will have 8 secondary level domains: NET.ME, ORG.ME, CO.ME, GOV.ME, AC.ME, EDU.ME, ITS.ME and PRIV.ME.

The registry is currently setting up the technical infrastructure for .ME and hopes to launch early next year. The extension will be unrestricted and auctions may be held for the more valuable names. “

I’d love (pun intended) to buy the domain when it becomes available, but if the history of Tuvalu’s TLD is any indication, it will cost millions.

(Via Lars.)

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12 10 2007
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