6 11 2007

Kudos to my colleagues Ugo and Sergio for releasing Scarlet:

Sourcesense is proud to announce the first beta of Scarlet, a clustering solution for Atlassian Jira bringing high-availability and scalability to the award-winning Jira issue tracker. The solution is based on Terracotta DSO, the Open Source clustering framework from Terracotta, enabling easy and trasparent scalable Java solutions.

Scarlet provides a full-fledged clustering solution for Jira, bridging an important gap when it comes to enterprise architectures based on high-availability: rated as one of the most popular requests from Jira users, clustering support makes Jira a truly distributed enterprise-class solution for organizations relying on simple yet effective scalable architectures.

Scarlet is distributed as an Open Source extension to Jira under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 and it’s available from Jira users and developers are encouraged to dowload the extension and provide feedback: Sourcesense is committed to support and manage contributions, under a transparent and meritocratic Open Development process. Commercial support and additional services are available from

One of the interesting facts about Scarlet is the fact that it’s based on Terracotta DSO, an insanely cool distributed object system, network-attached memory, or what you call it, and Open Source to boot. Ever since I first heard about it, I was under the impression that it could be a great solution to a large class of problems, but was never able to personally verify this assumption. With Scarlet we have a great example of its validity.




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