It's a race to the bottom

10 11 2007

Mary Jo Foley: “If you’re Microsoft — especially a member of the Vista team — there’s no way you can help but gloat. Very few Softies or their loyal followers are gloating publicly. But there’s no way they aren’t enjoying this turning of the tables.”

21B3gn+D6eL._AA_SL160_.jpgNow this is just ridiculous. Softies are gloating because Leopard is as buggy as Vista, if not worse? I’m sure Mary Jo’s article is very much tongue-in-cheek, but reading some of the MS fanboys’ blogs linked by Dave Winer, it’s no doubt that they are damn serious about it: they seem to be glad that Vista has reached parity with OS X not by virtue of becoming less obnoxious, but by virtue of Leopard being bad.

218Eqq+t7JL._AA_SL160_.jpgAnd so they are happy, while everyone’s life—or at least the life of everyone who upgraded to either Vista or Leopard—is just a little more miserable.




One response

12 11 2007

So what are all these bugs of which they speak? I haven’t run into one myself yet on any of five installs. Is everything peachy, no but it’s usually just getting used to some things and yes I know there are some bugs but it’s hardly massive and wide spread. All in all I’m a happy camper which is more than a lot of Vista fanboys can say 😉

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