New Year, New Blog Style and No More Ads

29 12 2007

As you can see if you’re reading this post off the website and not in your aggregator, I have a new theme for my blog (including a nice picture of our Christmas table) but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

What lies underneath is a big upgrade to the latest version of WordPress (2.3.1) and a switch to K2 as the theme used. Thanks to Duncan for the pointer to K2, and also for some of his CSS, which I reused since I find Helvetica to be a much better font than whatever K2 uses by default (Arial maybe?).

Another major change consists in the elimination of all Google ads from the blog. They were bringing in just peanuts and detracted from the overall usability of the site, so I removed them. Hope my readers will appreciate this.

Please leave a comment if you find something strange. Thanks.



3 responses

30 12 2007

Ciao Ugo

Looks like it is working now 🙂
Welcome to the big K2-Community. Did you know you can have different header images? Always a cool feature.

Tanti saluti

30 12 2007

I know I can upload other images and set any one of them to display in the header, but what do you mean by “different”? Rotating? A different one for each category?

Now please excuse me while I go and install WP 2.3.2 that was released just as I was installing 2.3.1 😦

10 01 2008

Thanks , will be useful to my work

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