1,000 Pictures and Some Coins

22 01 2008

Last weekend was foggy and the kid had a slight fever, so we ended up staying at home for most of the time. Having some time on my hands I resolved to do some macro shooting of a collection of old coins that is owned by a friend of mine.

For the occasion, I built myself a very fancy and professional small macro studio, using expensive materials and high-end design… well, almost.

DIY Macro Photo Studio

Thanks to this Strobist post for the basic idea. I don’t have a pair of flashlights, but the spotlights I used were pretty much up to the task at hand. I should probably use more powerful lamps next time, though.

I also have to thank Davide for lending me his Canon 400D (Digital Rebel XTi) with the 28-135mm zoom. Even though it’s not a macro lens, I could focus close enough and, even with some cropping, thanks to the 10MP sensor, the final images had plenty of resolution.

So much resolution indeed that I ended up rescaling them by 50% before uploading them to this Flickr set. In doing this I noticed I had uploaded my 1,000th picture to Flickr, which is in itself a milestone to celebrate. Next milestone is having 50,000 views. For this I need about 3,400 more views, so I invite all my readers to have a look at my stream.




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