Canon 450D (Rebel XSi) vs. Nikon D60

29 01 2008

Nikon D60In anticipation of PMA 2008, the big names in digital photography, Canon and Nikon, just announced new additions to their line of DSLRs, with a new entry-level model each: to the 450D (a.k.a. Digital Rebel XSi) announcement from the Canon front, Nikon responded with the D60. Let’s see how they stack up against each other, by comparing specifications in a totally unscientific and subjective way. I will try to focus on the differences that really matter in practice, according to my judgment, brushing away briefly the megapixels issue.

The Canon has a 12 megapixel sensor, the Nikon only has 10. If you think this makes any difference, think again. The difference in linear dimensions is only about 10% (4272 vs. 3872 pixels) and 10MP is already plenty resolution for printing at sizes most people consider reasonable. People who print larger are not going to use an entry-level DSLR anyway.

Canon 450DBoth cameras are sold in a kit version that includes a good 18-55mm zoom lens with an anti-shake system. Canon calls its system IS (Image Stabilization), whereas Nikon calls it VR (Vibration Reduction), but it’s just the same thing. This feature alone, combined with high ISO sensitivity, makes it possible to shoot hand-held in situations that would have required the use of a tripod previously. This is also a feature that is entirely implemented inside the lens, so you don’t need a new body to exploit it, just a new lens with IS/VR.

Both cameras have auto-ISO (sensitivity). This is very important, as it allows you to shoot in situations where the lighting is going to change dramatically between shots. Set the camera to P (Program mode) or A (Aperture priority) and auto-ISO and shoot away without adjusting sensitivity when going from brightly lit areas to darker ones. Reportedly, Canon’s auto-ISO setting only covers the 100-400 ISO range, which is somewhat limited. The D60’s sensitivity can also be set as high as 3200 ISO, probably owing to the lesser pixel density. The Canon can only go as far as 1600. It’s hard to say whether this makes any difference in practice, as ISO 3200 might produce images so noisy, or so dull from excessive noise reduction, to make it almost unusable in practice.

The D60 has Active D-Lighting. This is the same feature that is available on the D300 and the D3. As Ken Rockwell says: “This feature automatically identifies highlight areas that will be lost, and does its best to bring them under control. It works, and it works automatically.” If what matters to you, in photography, is getting good tonal rendition and great shadow/highlight balance, then this is the feature that could tilt the balance in Nikon’s favor.

The Canon has Live View, meaning that you can view the image in the rear LCD while composing, just like people are used to be doing with a point&shoot camera. This can be useful in some situations, but it’s hard to say how often this will be used by the amateur who is the typical target market for this range of cameras. The Canon also has a larger (3″ vs. 2.5″) LCD, even though both screens only comprise 230,000 pixels. Too bad the D60 doesn’t sport the gorgeous 920,000 pixels screen of the D300.

The Nikon does not have a focusing motor in the camera body, meaning you can only use newer AF-S (Silent Wave Motor) lenses with it. This is not a big deal if you only have AF-S lenses or are going to buy new ones anyway, since all new Nikon lenses are AF-S, but older AF and AI lenses will have to be focused manually, so watch out.

There are many other elements that could be compared between the two, but these are the most relevant ones, in my opinion. Both are probably very good cameras and you won’t be disappointed with either one. Personally, I would go with the Nikon because of the higher auto-ISO range and the Active D-Lighting, but that’s just me. You might be a big fan of composing and reviewing using the LCD, so the larger screen and the Live View feature of the Canon will certainly appeal to you.

I can’t certainly say more about this comparison without having tried both cameras personally. If you want to help me do this, you can click on this affiliate link and buy some stuff on They will give me a small percentage of the sale, which I will put away in my small cache dedicated to buying photo gear. Every little cent helps ;).



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29 01 2008

Way to dumb down the Canon’s obvious advantages over the Nikon. Nikon has been too lazy to upgrade the model, even for a simple feature like AEB which can be done through firmware.

12MP vs 10MP
Live View vs No Live View
3″ LCD vs 2.5″ LCD
Cam that can AF with all compatible lenses VS one that cannot

Sorry, it’s just sad that the first Google result for a 450D vs D60 query is a totally biased article from an obvious blind Nikonian.

29 01 2008


I never pretended I wasn’t biased, but I mentioned in my comparison all of the points you listed (12MP, Live View, 3″ LCD and in-camera AF motor). I only said that different people assign different weight to different criteria. Personally I couldn’t care less for 12MP vs. 10MP, but you obviously do.

29 01 2008

It now clear that the raise megapixels on entry level cameras only lead to higher noise, expecially when you use highiso settings. I approve nikon choice to stick with 10mpixel. This run to “the more mpixels the more the camera sells” is totally weird.

Ah, i own a Sony A100, so please don’t call me Nikonian 🙂

29 01 2008

There are two aspekts in favour of Canon I would like to add:

– The Canon supports bracketing, which is important if you want to try hdr
– The range of AF-S Nikkors is still very limited. Nikon still hasn’t cared to put out an AF-S 50mm lens for instance

I think it’s a pitty because for one reason or the other I would like to buy a Nikon. Actually I am looking for a high-quality dslr in a compact body with a good overall (lens-) sytem from the producer. (I’m still using a Contax-G rangefinder…)

29 01 2008


I agree that the lack of AF-S primes is unnerving. For the kind of stuff I would use a fast prime for, I could probably live with manual focus, but having choice would be better.

30 01 2008
Mark S

Something tha a lot of people are overlooking on the Nikon D300, it doesn’t have a 920,000 pixel monitor, it has a 307,000 pixel monitor which has 920,000 dots. Not the same thing. 3 dots = 1 pixel.. Clever marketing by Nikon.

30 01 2008
Ni Jian

Canon 450D vs. Nikon D60

Some other feature differences:

3.5 fps vs. 3 fps
9-point AF vs. 3 areas
Highlight Tone Priority vs. Active D-Lighting
14 bit image depth vs 12 bit

30 01 2008

> 14 bit image depth vs 12 bit

As if this could matter to the kind of people who will use this camera.

That said, I will readily admit that AE bracketing and 9-point AF are real pluses for the Canon. I’m not so convinced Live View is all that useful.

31 01 2008
Tom E

What about astrophotography. Attaching camera to a Borg 101ED w/ super F4 reducer. Which camera better?
From astrophotographer imagers I heard the Canon 450D would work well. Nikon D60 not mentioned. Just an oversight?

31 01 2008
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1 02 2008

Hey, funny to see our little conversation on 450d/d60 on the web!

Anyway, the 450d is clearly a superior machine. Nikon will have to work hard to close the gap. I think Nikon offer is also a bit confusing: d40x, d60 and d80 are too similar in features.

2 02 2008

I don’t see a problem with lack of autofocus with most primes and non CPU lenses. The D60 is an entry level camera meant for beginner/ low budget DSLR users upgrading from P&S/prosumer digicams. The D60 works brilliantly with the 18-55 VR kit (+ there is a reasonably priced Nikkon 55-200 VR also availabe). So all the way from 18-200 you’re covered in high quality (but affordable) lenses. It is only heavy users of primes that would benefit in choosing the Canon’s XSi over the D60.

If you use bracketing, DOF preview then the Canon is a better choice.
9 area AF vs 3 is no big deal…
3.5 FPS vs 3 is no big deal…
14 bit vs 12 bit no big deal …
both cameras are capable of stunning images, and that is what matters.

5 02 2008

despite the fact that Canon has better specs, we are talking about entry level cameras. I have used the rebel xTi and the D40x, again the xTi has better specs but it is so much easier to pick the D40x for the first time and take an excellent picture. I do not find this with xTi series. If you only care about features, go to the 40D or the D80. As for an entry level camera, what i care about is when an amateur picks it up will it take a good picture, and more often then not it’s the Nikon, So until we can get our hands on these camera’s i would not make my judgment.

12 02 2008

I have noticed one major point and to me a major downside for the Nikon. On many sites all the way to the D300 is it’s AUTO Auto easier AUTO. If I wanted everything AUTO or easier to P&S than I will stay with a P&S.
Features don’t matter…Please
14 bit vs 12 3.5 fps vs 3., 9 AF vs 3,faster processer. etc
These are obvious improvements. Higher resolution and a better converter to handle it.
The only arguments it may not be as technically inept, but it’s EASIER. Read the manuals, utililize the features, and enjoy the reason we are photographers and not P&S camera operators.

12 02 2008

How about F stops on each kit lenses? I have always been a cannon fan but I most recently bought a d40 and have been extremely happy with its 6mp resolution. I get little noise (a big complaint of the d40x) and can crop to about 35% and still have a usable shot. I would also be curious to know the prices each are being offered at.

13 02 2008

Body only pricing in the UK is £450 for the D60 and £600 for the 450D so I would question the better specification for the Canon as value for money given the 33% hike in the price. For me photography is about the image and controls to get that image, so things like the 10Mp or 12Mp, 3” or 2½” LCD, Live View or No Live View are academic to my mind. A pity about no AEB on the D60, but for an entry level DSLR is it worth a 33% price increase for a 450D over a D60?

19 02 2008
Maia Coimbra

people they are both entry level, they are the same “crap” delivering images to non professional photografers.

please do not get angry with each oder

24 02 2008

I am trying to decide bn both cameras, without being restricted by having any pre-exiting lens. It seems that a nice option with the Nikon is the ability to access the 18-200mmVR lens, which appears to get good reviews. Canon offerings seem more restricted in this range by comparison.

25 02 2008

I am about to buy my first digital SLR and have narrowed it down to the new Canon eos 450d or the Nikon D60. I have done heaps of research on the info that’s available on both models and still can’t decide. It’s seems that both have their pros and cons. My subject matter will be family, friends, pets and wildlife. I don’t really care about live view or lense compatability as I only want to start with an 18-55 and 55-200 zoom lense.

Can anyone offer any advice for which camera would suit my needs more, or are they both much the same? Thanks.

25 02 2008

The price comparison above is incorrect (Body only pricing in the UK is £450 for the D60 and £600 for the 450D). Check current prices on the Camerabuster website – you’ll see that the D60 body is £379.99 and the 450D body is £449, so the difference isn’t £150, it’s just £70.

HOWEVER – if you are considering the 450D, you have to ask yourself if you shouldn’t find an extra £220 for the 40D, since Canon will be doing £100 cashback on this much superior camera in March…

25 02 2008

Never heard of this Camerabuster website, care to provide a URL? On, however, the prices are £454.95 and £599.99, respectively.

28 02 2008
Ben Hodgetts

Ugo: Just Google the cameras. For example Komplett (a computer part supplier I’ve used for some time) have the 450D with the IS lens for £530. So paying £600 for just the body from somewhere like Amazon is complete madness.

They have the Nikon D80 for £780 (with kit lens) which is the EOS 450D’s real competitor.

4 03 2008

This Active D-Lighting on the D60 is great! I am getting a better tonal range than with HDR and without having to worry about anything moving between shots, such as twigs in the wind. By the way, you don’t need auto bracketing for HDR, just exposure control, which the D60 has. I look forward to the write ups in the camera mags when the 450D eventually hits the street, and seeing what the verdict is on the images themselves. I am really enjoying the D60 at a price I can afford thanks to surfing the net and finding an attractive ‘loyalty’ deal.

5 03 2008

Why is no one talking about the processors in the cameras? digic 3 is pretty darn fast and a big bonus if you ask me. And for saying that picking up the nikon and being to take great pictues right away… Its simple if you don’t know how to use an SLR don’t use one. Any camera is capable of taking amazing pictures, Its if you know how to. These arguments about nikon vs. canon, bluray vs. HDDVD, PS3 vs. 360. Their all pointless as all are equivalent.

What i do have to say is that its upsetting as Nikon didnt make very many changed from d40x – d60 as xti – xsi.


6 03 2008
Filipe C

It’s no reason to go for the D60 because of Active D-lighting since 450D has the equivalent Highlight Tone Priority!
And regarding the higher ISO of D60, well it will just put more noise in the image.
There are a lot of small details already described here that make 450D a better camera but it’s the Live Preview that makes the difference. Still don’t understand why some people tend to minimize its importance referring that it’s something for the P&S camera users. It’s not! Live Preview is coming to Pro cameras for obvious reasons: it helps producing better photos! I’m just disappointed that the display isn’t articulated like Sony’s A300 and A350.
The 450D would be the obvious choice… if it wasn’t the money it costs. The 450D comes with 55-55 and is still more expensive than the D60 that comes with a 16-55 and 55-200! And for a lot a people that’s something to be considered.

11 03 2008
Sanal Menon

Dear all,

I believe the lens makes the difference, hence these cemras are more or less the same. When it comes to nikon, the choice of lens with relatively bigger apperture-at their shortest- focal lengh, which is a rare occurance in 3.5X to 4X or more focusing lens (with canon); unless it is a prime.

Beware of vignetting though……….I am talking about

16 03 2008

It’s interesting that the comparisons are between the XSi and the D60. Keep in mind, Canon is not replacing the XTi which they see as the entry-level competitor to the D60 (which IS replacing the D40x). The XSi is *meant* to be a step up on the D60 as a direct competitor to the D80.

So, if you’re going to compare…compare D60 vs XTi and D80 vs XSi.

20 03 2008
Michael H

Hello all,

I am interested about both the Nikon D60 and Canon 450D and of course both have their pros and cons. I was wondering if anyone out there knows which camera (or others) might be good for night sky photography as well as family, wildlife etc. Any thoughts would be welcomed!

20 03 2008

Adding to the debate….

I myself had the Nikon Vs Canon debate with myself and finally opted for the Nikon D60.

Why? I just preferred it I went into the shop tried them both, felt the Nikon was more “my thing”.

Both Camera are excellent, yes there are “better” (read more expensive), cameras out there, and there are a million people offering their option.

Ultimately the most important opinion out the is your own, and a new shiner “better” camera is just round the corner, all the time!!!

Jump in, you’ve done the head work Nikon Vs Canon, it like saying dogs Vs cat, both good, just what floats your boat in the end.

I like my new Nikon, but my opinion doesn’t count, YOUR LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD/HEART DOES!!!

Lastly, don’t wait to long debating what Camera to buy, your missing once in a lifetime shots as you wait……..

20 03 2008

I am also looking for my first dSLR. I was all ready to buy the Nikon D80, then Canon came out with the Rebel XSi. So then I wanted that. From what i read, i guess it doesn’t matter which model. So let me ask this, what company do you think offers better customer service?

Also, I keep reading about Nikon’s next camera. The D80x/D90. I would like to see the specs on that and compare it to the Xsi. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

20 03 2008

Just to let the reviewer know, the 450D includes the Canon version of the Active D-Lighting that Ugo raves on about. It is a Custom fiunction called highlight priority, and it does exactly the same as Active D-lighting.

Also, for Jim, the D80 should be compared with the 40D. The 40D is regarded as the superior camera.
the two lienups sit side-by side like this:
Canon Nikon
400D D40
450D D60
40D D80

21 03 2008

Just buy a used d80 and you will all be happy campers… dont get the d60. Its just a d40 with a different name. All the cams made by nikon and canon over the last few years have been great. Just go to the store and see which one you like to hold and which one has menus you like. For me it was a d80. my friend, an xti, my rich friend a 40d… my really rich friend… a d300. Just go to the store with a mem card and play with them and you will EASILY make your decision.

21 03 2008

same boat here but im tempted to buy the 450d over the d80 mainly because ,, the dust thing bothers me i have heard soo many horrer stories of cleaning the sensor, i know the d80 is i great camer but i dont want to spend all that money and knacker up the sensor i dont even vacum the house never mind a sensor [ lazy i know]

22 03 2008

Thanks for a sensible, concise review of the main points. I’m looking for a good, small size dSLR with a quality wide ranging lens and the D60 with a VR 18-200 looks like it will fit the bill nicely for me.

22 03 2008

@@@Cam that can AF with all compatible lenses VS one that cannot@@@

Oh PLEASE, what a NONSENSE. It is actualy Nikon that allows you to use 50 YEARS OLD LENS in the newest camera, not other way round.

Yes AF-S/I range is short yet, but there are still 50mm autofocus lens from Sigma anyway.

23 03 2008

I have also been researching both D60 and 450D and I am still split between the two.

When comparing to D80, please don’t forget the weight factor. D60 and 450D are almost the same weight, whereas D80 and Canon 40D weigh a lot more and are bulkier. For ex, I am looking for something I will WANT to carry with me.

That said, I first was leaning towards D60 due to better build quality and sufficient specs. However, 450D’s faster 9-point autofocus, larger display and new censor have started to tip the scale towards Canon. D60’s censor is an old censor from D40x, whereas Canon’s is brand new 14bit.

23 03 2008

Are there any differences between the d40 and d60????????????

24 03 2008
Nikon D60

Yes, there are some differences between the d40 and d60. I just recommend you to watch youtube reviews of nikon D60. In addition, read all technical specifications (d40 and d60) and compare them. Also know, Nikon D60 has 10.2 MP while D40 has only 6.1.

24 03 2008

I want to know if Canon has made it easier to adjust the flash exposure compensation without going into the menus.. I have a D40x, but have shot a LOT with my schools 400D and nothing is more annoying than this…

25 03 2008

I decided on the Nikon D60 (with 18-55 VR/55-200 VR kit lenses) over the Canon 450D. Live view did not appeal to me that much and the larger screen on the 450D is probably a drain on the battery. I prefer the feel of the D60 and the menu/button layout compared to the Canon. I am very happy with this camera and highly recommend it. I think that whatever you choose (Nikon D60 or Canon 450D) you will be happy. Both are excellent entry level DSLRs.

26 03 2008
Perfect Vision

I have been using canon 400D. 30D and nikon D200, 40Dx and studying cinematography and basic photography in Japan. I have been to Canon Camera factory as part of our placements, what I found out there was the Canon cameras will go under strict supervision with at least 2 highly qualified Japanese technician to conduct its perfection I am only talking for only single part of the camera such as DiGiC image processor. But it doesn’t mean I am in favor with Canon. I like them both.
I have purchased Nikon D60 on 19-3-08 it produces excellent exposure for both outdoor and indoor photography (manual ISO rating only) but they can be to slow to focus and the VR lenses kits are too noisy and you could actually see it moving through the viewfinder I fnd that if you set AUTO ISO ratings it produces very underexposed indoor and overexposed outdoor. (perhaps thats the reason why they have in built easy to use in camera photo editing and correction) I mainly use the manual setting for ISO ratings for this camera. but if you set it to boost ISO ratings the photo becomes too noisy the 10 mp are no match for Hi-ISO boost mode. The picture can be too sharp and looks unreal and scarry. With canon its a lot smoother, and produces natural color and the low noise gives the natural effect without using photoshop editing
Nikon camera is very solid, small easy to handle compared to canon (very slippery and plastic, bulkier) but the component inside the canon are purely canon japanese made. compared to nikon uses some sony parts.and either made in Thailand and China, But this is not important anymore, but the value and the name “Made in Japan” can matters to other Pro. Photographers, All Nikon Pro-Cameras are Made in Japan. but not D-series all made in Thailand.

Canon 450D versus Nikon D60
14 bit image vs 12 bit image (very critical)
12 mp vs 10 mp (not a big deal) 10% difference
9 area focus vs 3 area focus (not a big deal for professionals)
live view vs no live view (not very important but useful)
CMOS vs CCD about 10% better than canon
3.5 fps vs 3fps (but who cares)
Made in Japan vs Made in Thailand (may be important for resale and good for collect)
Censor size for canon 450D is smaller than Nikon D60 can be
important as well.
The only thing I like about Canon is that they will release a newer or latest model after more than 12 month I owned my Canon 400d since 2006. Compare to Nikon they will release a latest model less than 12 months it can be fraustrating after buying a latest model and Nikon will announce a latest model after buying a latest model after 3 months like Nikon D-series (I am pertaining about D-SLR). but no regrets with my Nikon D60 but just heard about the new Nikon D90 rumours said they will announce and release it by the end of the year or early January 2009. with 12 mp and I dont know about live view.
Both brands are neck to neck when it comes to performance.
I will mainly use my D60 for everyday use becuase of its build and quality, and no need for photoshop bcoz of its in built editing program. I mainly use my 400D for my class for better quality picture are more natural.

26 03 2008
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29 04 2008

Help soon, Will the Nikon give me a great entry level into photography to use for paintings for competition purposes and for wildlife photography at a distance. Heidi

3 05 2008
Young Guy

Technically, they are both good camera and depending on the person using it will determine how good the camera is, PERIOD. I’ve personally used Canon XT/350D with crappy lens and loved it to death but my next upgrade purchase ended up being Nikon D300. Why? it just fell good in my hand when I tried it at a local camera store. Comparative models between Canon and Nikon will take equally great pictures so there are no wrong decisions. If you plan to carry it all day, pick the one that is comfortable to you. Just think, Canon people will most likely to pick Canon and vise versa for Nikon people.

14 05 2008

850 vs 667
All said, the xsi is $850 and the D60 is $667. Now thats a significant difference for me, a newbie to dslr
not 12 vs 10MP
3.0 vs 2.5in
3.5 vs 3fps, etc….

20 05 2008

Want to upgrade from old Canon Rebel 35mm to DSLR. Since I have couple of EF lenses (28-80 and 70-300), chose to upgrade to XSI. Obviously, right. But.

Though XSI is good and more than what I wanted. But, I feel D60 is better in my hands. Just the comofort, look and feel. Don’t say that other side of the shore is always green.. 😉

Confused now. What you guys think? Should I keep the canon lense and go for XSI? Or, sell off the lenses and opt for D60? Or, go for D40 with upgrade lense? thanks.


2 06 2008
Why I am a sucker at Agylen

[…] D60 is also quite a bit cheaper than the Canon 450D, which is a very nice camera too, but I wasn’t prepared to pony up the extra […]

11 06 2008

Update to ALL!!!

Canon has released the real competition of Nikon D60.

Canon 1000D, has almost the same specs of the depowered 450D.

5 07 2008

Hi, I am also a little bit confused : Canon or Nikon..Canon 1000 D has come in market. But when it will be available in India ??

6 07 2008

the canon 450d has better specs than the d60. ofcourse the cmos sensor is better than the ccd. nikon has a more afordable lens range but in real life the best pics are made with the lenses that have a shorter focus range. the nikorr 18-200 looks like perfect to cary everywhere but the quality of the pitures are poor in comparison with a canon lens *17-55 is usm. if can afford to spend some a littele extra on the lenses than canon 450d is the perfect choice. if not d60 and nikorr 18-200 vr is a great choice.

8 07 2008

Hi, there.

I´ve seen all your comments because I am also deciding over may first dSLR camera, choosing between Nikon D60 and Canon 450D. I’m now using a Sony DSC P-300, very good in spec. but with the tipical sony gap: the auto focus. I’ve tried both cameras on a visit to the camera shop. One thing that is probably putting me closer to Nikon is it´s superior software, in quality, design and functionality, who is not comparable with Canon’s. I needed to ask for the manual when trying the 450D, which wasn’t necessary when looking at Nikon’s. This feature makes all the difference, and, of course, the fact of bringing the 18-55mm and the 55-200mm lens together. To me this factor joined with the flexibility to manipulate the colour temperature range when customizing WB will probably be the decision-key.

16 07 2008

sorin (or anybody else for that matter), why are CMOS sensors considered to be better than CCD?



17 07 2008

Made in “where” is no longer an issue these days as quality control is always principle consideration of manufacturer. All notebooks of today are produced in China and they are just as good as any made in USA, the same hold true with most trusted hard disks of these days which are manufactured in Asia ( Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc). In general, the selection of product rests a great deal with brand loyalty. I have friends who go for Canon every time they changes/upgrade their cameras. Another group of friends will always go for BMW over any other makes of cars!

17 07 2008

My favorite commen its from Bryan —

Feb 5th, 2008 at 2:55 am
despite the fact that Canon has better specs, we are talking about entry level cameras. I have used the rebel xTi and the D40x, again the xTi has better specs but it is so much easier to pick the D40x for the first time and take an excellent picture. I do not find this with xTi series. If you only care about features, go to the 40D or the D80. As for an entry level camera, what i care about is when an amateur picks it up will it take a good picture, and more often then not it’s the Nikon, So until we can get our hands on these camera’s i would not make my judgment.

^^^^^^^^ Dude if you want simple go buy a point and shoot… or even better a polaroid.

My next comment is brand agnostic, could matter less on Canon or Nikon. If I am going to spend a few hundred dollars, upwards of 600, just to get a camera and a lense I am going to spend the time to learn it and learn to utilize all of the features. Who really cares whats better in the first 15 minutes you pick it up? People spending that money know they are getting a sophisticated machine. If you are spending that kind of money to keep that puppy on auto all day, then something is clearly wrong.. or you are just shit ass spoiled rich.

29 07 2008

Nikon D60 is the best.

30 07 2008

Guys..the most important-which one is worth buying? d60 or 450D? please advise..really confused? i’m new to dslr?

1 08 2008
steve lynam

I know how you feel, went through the same dilemma, I was uprating from a 35mm manual focus slr and was lucky enough to get to try both the d60 and the xti,,,, In my opinion on paper the xti looks like the better choice but in practice I was able to get better pictures from the nikon…… so bit the bullet and bought a d60… it doesnt feel as solid as the old 35mm slrs but it takes great photos and is sophisticated enough to keep someone who has been using manual metering and focusing interested.they are both fantastic cameras and will exceed most entry level enthusiasts expectations….

3 08 2008

Thanks for this review. I was thinking about getting one of these for my wife…looks like I’ll be going with the Canon.

3 08 2008

I just bought a nikon d60 but am confused about whether to get the package with the 55-200 mm lens or forget that lens and get the 18-200 mm lens. I plan to use the camera primarily for travel and would love to try to just use one lens — so it seems like the 18-200 VR might be a better choice and worth the extra $$?

3 08 2008

ok — or here’s another choice…return the d60 and get the d80 with the 18-135 mm lens.

What do you think??

4 08 2008

Thanks for the great comparions notes … more than I had hoped to find. OK. I am going ofr the 450D ( XSi ) .. but shoudl I just spend $500 ( $1300 for 40D vs $800 for 450D ) and get the 40D ? ( current KIT price at BestBuy )

5 08 2008

well Raymond im going to buy the eos450d because the difference is just by the number of frams per second other than that they both the same.

9 08 2008
William C Watts

My passion is butterflies and the live view on the canon 450D would allow me to get an extra 2 to 3 feet closer, without frightening off the subject.

12 08 2008

went through this comparison of D60 and 450 D. Took the 450D when they through in the Canon bag, an extra 75-300mm lens, the extra battery grip and 45 free printed pics..same price..That made the decision for me..close but when extras enter…I pull out the credit card!

13 08 2008

where did you get this deal, i m planing on buy the 450d this weekend. i was a little confused betweent the two but after reading all this comments. I leaning toward the 450D, as the only debate between the two is the price. basically if you can afford to spend a little more then obouviously the canon is a better choice, if not you can read through this forum and justify buy a little less of a camera for a couple of hundred less.

18 08 2008
Michael F

Getting the Canon 450 Rebel at Costco. $949 for 75-300 lense, bag, etc – not bad…

18 08 2008

At this level, we’re splitting hairs – 10 vs 12 mp. Woop dee do. Both are very capable entry level DSLRs and I can only hope that no matter which one you buy, as much thought goes into the composition of each image you creat as goes into counting megapixels and millimetres on the LCD before whipping out the old credit card. BTW, I’ve been shooting with a D50 for three years now and the results are wonderful. Why? Good glass + Good technique! Good specs alone won’t make you a better photographer. Think outside the review.

20 08 2008

D60 vs 450D

If you have nikon lenses – D60
If you have canon lenses – 450d
If you want to spend less – D60 (In Canada it is $130 cheaper after rebates)
If money is not super important – Flip a coin, you will be happy with either

People please stop arguing about minor spec differences. For most of the people buying these cameras none of those differences mean anything.

Both companies make great cameras
Both companies make great lenses
Both companies are used by the pros
Great pictures are taken by photographers not cameras.

23 08 2008


26 08 2008

tnx for the reviews guys.this is going to be my first helped me decide to get the canon is lighter.regards, with durability no worries here, plastic on the outside but metal on the inside…paired with the 55-250mm is.absolutely travel light w/ great pics..i love the canon brand it is more popular and classy..

4 09 2008

Karl & John,

Loved your reviews!! My choise is now leaning towards the Canon 450D but will press for a good bargain. Thanks for the reassurance as I am a newbie and this is going to be my first D-SLR.

6 09 2008
wl Pan (Malaysia)

finally i choosed 450D for my final choice. Although 1000D has been launched during my collection day (due to no stock when i purhased and hv to wait for 1 week)of 450D at photo shop, i feel no regret of choosing 450D compared to 1000D nor D60.
Now matched with 55-250mm which just costs me RM890 (USD270), l really satisfied with the choice that i hv made.
Thanks to ALL of you who have contributed your valuable opinion here.

4 10 2008

guys….ive read the whole conversation.i think everyone has a valid point when it comes to features,pro’s and con’s.but overall i think technology plays a big factor-canon is upgrading and using better technology and nikon is using not-so-new technology.would push slightly towards 450d-plus all japanese and all canon made components has to be a plus-not that made in thailand or malaysia is bad or anything-just trust the japs to do a better job.cheerios.

10 10 2008

there is no doubt, 450D is better, … but LOVE Nikon forever …

10 10 2008
Chris DC

Bought me the Canon XSi.

I think overall … technology prevails, a year or 2 from now, live views will be the new hype. I’m just making sur that I’m still in when new techs come in. It doesn’ matter whether I become pro or not—just a show off anyway. A cool expensive thing dangling on my neck.

18 10 2008

I’ve shot both Nikon and Canon over the past 30 years. I have a good friend who shoots only canon for his journalism work, simply because there is so much equipment out there and the resolution is better overall (to answer a previous question, these are the two reasons sport photogs and journalist photogs love canon; lens selection and resolution.) Still, we both agree that the Nikon consistently gives better, richer color across the board. The dynamic range and white balance just seem to be spot on in Nikon, which is a huge factor in quality images for people who don’t want to have to do monitor calibrating and photo shopping to get rid of that pesky cool color temp that tends to haunt canon. Seeing entry level photogs jump ship for canon over 150~ horizontal lines is silly. Think about what you will be doing with the camera, then purchase accordingly. Will the entry level person really notice the difference in 3.5 fps and 3.0 fps? no. will they ever print a 40 inch poster or buy a sexy $6000 canon telephoto? probably not. Eventually some will get a modest telephoto, but usually nothing prime. They just want to take good pictures and I honestly think the entry level Nikons help people do that better.

26 10 2008

Hi All,

The 450D Vs D60 has been a interesting decision for people who wanted to buy an entry level camera. Its very important to select a good camera because once you start collecting the lenses and it will be very hard to change the brand. I am not a fan of either of these brands but planning to buy one good DSLR for me and be ‘loyal’ (read having spent $$$$ on the lenses) to the brand. So, after going through all the reviews I am gonna try both of them and will choose one not for the specs or money but for the performance and IQ.

On a different note, I am still wondering why Canon had released 1000D with the spec similar to D60 six months after the relase of 450D. May be Canon was not able to compete with Nikon on the entry-level DSLR.


3 11 2008

I am pretty dumb at this and buying the camera for my boyfriend. I was told at the store that the canon xsi has a “self cleaning” feature that Nikon does not, and for beginners this is a big deal. Can anyone speak to this?

3 11 2008
I'll just stay anonymous!

so, I’m attempting on buying my first DSLR BUT, I dont know which to choose!?! The Nikon D60 or the Cannon 450d?? way confused. i’m a newbie at this and dont know much about this stuff but am still learning as I go on. I have to say a lot of you are helping me little by little but still confused. Just need help!!!! This is tuff. I enjoy photography and taking great pictures thrills me! I’m an excited 14 year old…and I’ve saved up $$ (w/ was between a camera or the Kendill)to buy which ever one. So please help! I am a newbie so think about that…and someone up there made a good point and I do believe the same, that IT’S THE PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO TAKE GREAT PICTURES NOT THE CAMERAS!! help……please?

3 11 2008
I'll just stay anonymous!

so basically, any advice for a newbie on getting thier first DslR, on the whole Nikon D60 or the Cannon 450D??

3 11 2008

Jafro, first of all don’t listen to store clerks. Both have self-cleaning sensors. Second, it’s not a big deal, more of a convenience: if the sensor does not clean itself, you can always clean it manually or have it cleaned.

3 11 2008

Fact accepted that good pictures can only be taken by good photographers and not a camera still consider the fact – in adequete light both cameras are the same, but in low light (low-light and night photography without flash is always more challenging and colourful than those in normal light), when the use of higher ISO comes into picture and noise starts crawlling into the image quality then the one which will produce a superior image quality should always be preferrable. A camera is meant for taking pictures and hence the only thing a photographer can expect of it is great image quality and versatality in choosing its lenses (remember presence or absence of AF should not affect the performance of a photographer). Considering the above facts, the canon seems to be peeping out over the nikon.
Another fact while using long exposures upto 30secs and also when you are shooting frm ground level or from a position where peeping through the viewfinder may be very dificult, the LCD may becomes very imperative. Considering all these facts don’t you think that the canon model will prove benificial to even professional photographers over the nikon one.
If any one dissagrees to my points please correct me and share with us where you differ.


5 11 2008

Like most people here, I’m attempting to decide on which camera should I get as my first DSLR.
I have seen lots os review videos on youtube, have read lots of reviews (by the way: is a great website)
Anyway, the point is: I’m new at this. The live view of Canon XSI does appeal to me, because I think I can get better compositions FACILITIES. And also, I think the AF points does seam to make a difference.
But… I’ve read a couple times about people who used to own both cameras and who think Nikon has better colors.
It is a tough call, but I think I’ll go with Nikon because of: the price; the image; and maybe.. also because it seams friendlier for a first-time user.
Well, that’s my opinion! But I have do admit that I’m still in doubt…
Could anyone tell me a little bit more about AF points? Can it make a big diference?

6 11 2008
I'll just stay anonymous!

So far I’m thinking about getting the Cannon 450d! But I’m still in doubt. If anyone can give ANY information about the two and maybe what might be the Top Features that differentiate them, it would be highly appreciated! If I go for the Cannon, I’m gunna get the kit w/ the 18-55 zoom and anti-shaking system/IS. I am trying to find the lowest Best price for this(aren’t we all)…help with prices would be very helpful as well. 🙂 I am a starter and love taking pictures, in particular, of the outdoors and want a camera that looks professional to boost my confidence!!

Basically, looking for the best price for the Kit, Cannon 450d…and would like to know the Major differences when comparing both??
I’ll be checking in!

Thank you all for your kindness and expertise!

6 11 2008
I'll just stay anonymous!

Oh, and I definitely agree with you Ana, that is a wonderful website! Been going there a lot! well, good luck to you!

6 11 2008

i read all yoour comments but still go for d60. it was a gift from my uncle who is a photographer for more than 30 yrs..he said that aside from nikon produces better cameras than canon d60 is very suitable for starters like me=)) and having read your comments i guess his right!i’m still continuing with my lesson and i’m really having fun with my d60.

by the way i’ll share to this site i’m not sure if its helpful but just give it a try.

you’ll see the difference=))

12 11 2008
A little advice

I’ve been researching those two cameras for quite a while now,
and I’ve also asked many about choosing one of the two.
One funny answer I got was that it’s better to get D80 than D60,
but XSi than D80, since D80 is one grade higher than D60,
but XSi has considerable spec and new technology, which is critical in digital equipments, that makes it a better buy than an older D80.

I thought it’s totally pointless to compare the specs of the two
as XSi is clearly priced much higher than D60, and since Canon has
put much more effort to upgrading the camera than Nikon did, as you
can see by comparing D60 and D40x (the only notable change I’ve noticed was the new dust cleaning technology in D60).
I couldn’t help but feel that the article was a bit biased toward Nikon.

But aside from everything else, D60 has the price that is unbeatable, which many starters will find the most attractive.
I also think that D60 is more than enough for most people finding
themselves excitedly holding a DSLR for the first time or even for more experienced photographers, as I’ve seen people testify.
Nikon is famous for its AF accuracy, while Canon is known for its
wide arrangements of lens. D60 has the disadvantage of limited lens arrangements, while it has more accurate auto focus.
Ultimately, there is no question those two DSLRs are exceptionally impressive cameras. The choice really is up to you.

28 11 2008

Canon’s autoiso can reach 800 iso !

30 11 2008
New User

I don’t understand why people care so much about specs… isn’t the picture quality, or the final result really that matters?

Being that it is an ‘entry’ level SLR I think it is actually important which one takes better pictures on auto setting… I suspect a lot of the people that buy it might still prefer to use that setting when unsure. So which one takes better pictures in auto/ i’ve heard the Nikon d60…

Which one takes better pictures in Manual settings? Sounds like both cameras are pretty similar as far as picture quality goes, and I doubt you’ll be able to tell the difference in the sensor, or MP level simply looking at the picture. Both also seem to have similar features which make them very easy to use and capable SLR cameras. I think it’s silly to get into details that don’t really matter so much

5 12 2008
I'll just stay anonymous!

What’s up with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II?? A starter, who didn’t even choose yet between D60 or 450d…now the Canon EOS 5D Mark II came out and I, in particular, was going for the Canon 450d…What should those of us who are in this situation do?? Plus, I didn’t really make a decision between the other two, and so you see my dilema.
Is there even any competition between the two?? need to know…advice is higly appreciated! should I still go for the 45od or what?? Help!

5 12 2008

Anonymous, the 5D MkII costs about 4 times as much as the 450D/XSi. If I had $3000 to spend I’d know which one to choose.

9 12 2008

this sucks

9 12 2008

Found this discussion after seeing both the Canon xSi and the Nikon D60 advertised by COSTCO for $749 today and was wondering if a comparision of both had been done. I’ve been eyeing both cameras for any entry level DSLR as I have had an SLR for years. In the past,the Canon has been consistently more expensive. I’m figuring that they are having a price war seeing that holiday spending will be down.
From your discussion I like the fact that the xSi has all Canon parts and is made in Japan. I do like the Live View option, and the larger screen. I own a Canon and it’s been trouble free for 30+ years (despite having the meter go recently) but I’m looking at both companies equally now. I have to say I’m leaning towards the Canon for the above mentioned reasons. Although I could be swayed by the multiple mentions of the Nikon being easier to use at first and the better color. But I think in the end it will be Canon.
Good luck to all in their decisions.

10 12 2008

after viewinging these message, i’ve decided to choose one that costs less. in the current situation that means nikon.

11 12 2008

What is better? Onboard AF or Lens AF?

11 12 2008

Ooops forgot.. and can you put an AF lens on an AF body?

15 12 2008

For my second post, I just wanted to say that if you are reading the plethora of reviews online about these two cameras and still undecided, just flip a coin and you’ll be happy with either one. In 4 or 5 years full frame sensors and live view will be available at this price range and you will have more resolution than you will ever need. If you think you might want to get more lenses, canon is more attractive. Be aware that the d60 doesn’t auto focus with some of the older Nikon g and d lenses that use in camera focusing… which is too bad cause there are some great prime lenses to be had on the cheap with in camera focusing. That being said, I would recommend spending a little more and getting the d80, which has dropped in prince since the release of the d90 not long ago. No VR kit lens, but you’ll get a better camera.

7 01 2009

Regarding “live view” with the Canon, I was told this works only in manual mode, not auto. Doesn’t this create a challenge when focusing, particularly when you are holding the camera away from you? I am trying to determine how much value this feature provides. Thanks for your help — still struggling with this decision.

9 01 2009

After reading all the above comments, i have dropped my plan of buying dslr camera stick on with Olyumpus P & S

11 01 2009

I have finally decided to go with EOS 450D. But when I made my research with Nikon D60, I got a VR 55-200mm lens below $200. I also go through several reviews of the lens, and it is a very good, sharp lens.

But I am not finally not finding out any similar IS lens (around 200mm) in that price range, which is basically believed as a good lens. IS is a must for sharp hendheld photograph. I think Canon lens are too costly. What should I do, shift to Nikon at last?

11 01 2009

Anindya, the Canon 55-250 IS sells for $240 at Adorama, for instance:

27 01 2009

U all need to check out!!! The reveiws show 80% for the D60 and wait for it, 88%, for the 450d!!! This is what made up my decision to go for the 450d. It beat the nikon in nearly every test!!!!

30 01 2009

Nikon’s are hands down the best.

2 02 2009

here people are focusing on cameras but lenses are what matter and keep their value over long periods of time unlike SLRs

9 02 2009

To decide between a 450D or D60 is really very simple as they are both superb cameras.

Just take a trip to the local camera shop and pick them both up, the one you want will become instantly apparant to you in about 2 seconds! … Then buy it. voila! – you have just made the perfect decision.

11 02 2009
just decided

I have similar concerns as most of the people who commented on this page. I did my research and compared photos taken by 450D and D60. After some thought, i came down to these decision points:

– is cheaper
– captures colors better than 450D >> good for the “purists” (i.e. those who wants their pictures raw. No editing.)
– most Pro’s(at least those that i have consulted) prefer Nikon because of the vibrant colors. Not necessarily D60 though >> but then again, they are pro’s. Their camera bodies have all the advanced features which might not be in D60.

– captures natural colors >> not so vibrant as Nikon though – but there’s always digital editing 🙂
– has live view which is useful for shots that cannot be captured using the viewfinder (ex. shots from the ground) >> the Pro’s who chose Nikon over Canon have camera bodies that have the viewfinder feature
– more frequent price-down’s than Nikon >> this can be good if you’re willing to wait for the price to go down (but you’ll miss a lot of moments!), or this can be bad if you just purchased a camera and then the price goes down (you should’ve waited a little bit longer!)

Lastly, i looked at photos taken by D60 and by 450D. My conclusion: it all depends on the photographer! 😀

I guess i’ll opt for 450D for the more advanced body. 🙂

12 02 2009

Hi i`m not much of a pro myself but i did some research … and have handled both cameras… and i believe that the final result attainable by both is very close..

to close to pay an additional 770€ to go for the cannon with only the normal lens when the nikkon kit comes with 18-55 + 70-300 lenses and costs only 562€

i was previously canon prone but the massive difference in price tipped my scale.

16 02 2009
Alasdair Thom

i have a 450D, it’s alright but i had a go of a d60 and it felt way more solid and reliable. The 450D is a bit wobbly, the lens and the fl;ash both rattle a bit.

Also the auto iso on the 450D is hard to predict what it’s going to do, but i think the auto iso on the D60 is controllable, and going up to 1600 is a big plus that the 450D auto iso won’t do.

Also the 450D makes a really annoying high pitched squeak when the pictures been taken, drives me nuts.

Anyone agree?

16 02 2009

I have recently bought my Nikon D60 in Thailand. I just ingored the fact that it was made in Thailand — the quality check is still that of Nikon. I also ingnored the liveview advantage of Canon 450D and XSI as the view finder is more realistic and helps save the battery big time so you could take more photos. Nikon eye sensor also helps save battery life. For me the real seller was Nikon software. I loved its crop, red eye reduction and touch up features.
I actually also felt that the picture taken from Nikon D 60 were sharper than comparable Canons.

I would infact compare D60 with Canon XSi and mention hat Nikon at $ 560 is real great value for money.

19 02 2009

after spending a lot of time reading through this, looking for help, i somewhat got a little bit help, but still, desided to not purchase a dslr, since it looked more like a debate between nikon fans and cannon fans.. the “flip a coin” was the best advice i extracted from here.


20 02 2009


I have a Fuji S9600 at the moment and I want to upgrade to a DSLR. Reading the comments on here no one seems to have concluded which is best. Given that the D60 is cheaper to start with, and the cashback offer they are running till end of March makes it even cheaper I am swaying to become a “Nikonian”. Are the extra features here and there really worth an extra £150?

Basically I purchased the Fuji when my son was born as I wanted to be able to take good quality photographs. The overal quality of the S9600 is excellent, however shutter lag is an issue. I want a DSLR so I can focus on the baby and take several shots with little shutter lag. I will probably never get another lense and just settle for the anti-vibration lense that comes with the D60.

Would I be making the right choice for my requirements? Or should I invest that extra £150 and go for the Canon?

23 02 2009
Joe Ramos

I’ve been the very satisfied owner of a 450D for about a month now. I too was caught up in the 450D vs D60 0r D80 debate. I know that alot of people say they like the feel of the Nikons better, but for me, the opposite was true. The Canon felt more substantual when I held it and I also love the more ergonomic placement of the shutter button.

Countless reviews have concluded that the 450D will give you somewhat better picture quality. My personal experience confirms this. The vast majority of the photos I’ve taken are tack sharp with incredible detail, and extremely well exposed. The handful of exceptions have been due to user error. I also like how it handles high ISO noise better than the Nikons do. Noise is pretty much nonexistant until 800 ISO, and even then it is very fine and has a very film like quality to it. In fact, my only gripe with the camera so far is that it is limited to a max of 1600 ISO. Seeing how well it handles that, I believe that 3200 ISO would have been very usable. I also have concluded that 12 MP seems to be the sweet spot for cropped sensor camera resolution. Any more than that seems to have a negative effect on image quality, due to the smaller size of the pixels. But, I will grant that the difference between 10 and 12 MP is slight and only noticable if you print 13×19 or larger…which I do, or if you do aggresive cropping.

Alasdair Thom, if I were you, I would exchange your camera for another 450D. Yours may be a dud. My 450D is rock solid. No wobbling or rattling of any kind. The only noise it makes, outside of the sound of the mirror flipping up, is a slight high pitched sound when I use the Image Stabilization of the EF-S 55-200mm lens.

I also find the Live View feature to be quite useful to verify that focus is tack sharp when taking macros and when taking pictures in low light when using any kind of long telephoto glass.

I also like the new Digic III Image Processor. It is very fast, and although the enhancements are subtle, when added up, they make a noticable difference. The superior technology used in the Canon also helped me to make my decision. The D80 is still a fine camera, but in today’s constantly shifting tech landscape, it is old. the D60 is also a very good camera, but, other than the jump from 6 MP to 10MP, I just didn’t see enough that differentiates it from the D40x.

That leads me to my last point. Many of you seem dismissive of the small tech and spec advantages that the 450D holds over the D60. But, those small advantages truly do add up. All of these cameras are great. There is no such thing as a bad DSLR any more. So, when ranking them all, the difference between the one at the top and the one at the bottom is going to be decided by those very details and subtle enhancements that many people dismiss.

Look, either way, you really can’t go wrong. Chances are that anyone who’s new to DSLR’s who buys either of these cameras is going to be thrilled with the results, once they get past the learning curve. But, when it comes down to it, when compared to the D60,or the D80, the 450D is the superior camera body. But, even after coming to that conclusion, you have to consider the fact that you’re not just buying a camera. You’re buying into a system. And, for me, the Canon system is the more appealing one. Good luck to all.


27 02 2009

If you’re thinking of buying a Nikon D60, I’d hold off until next week. A lot of rumors are circulating the web that Nikon will release a replacement for the D60 at PMA 2009 (March 3 – 5). I for one am waiting to see what happens next week before buying.


6 03 2009

Compare to both D60 vs D450, I think it is up to photographer. They are very compatible in spec.. However, D60 price is more reasonable. For someone who considers about budget, D60 is the right choice.

9 03 2009

I own both now and the Canon is by far the better. the nikons colour is so dark and grainy even with noise reduction on. the colour representation on the canon is definatley the best. the half a frame a second more is actually much better. i didnt think it would make much of a difference but it is pretty good. and the extra mega pixels mean i get to crop much further. people need to remember mega pixels are not just for printing. the lenses are so much better for the canon.
i think these results are all reflected in the pricing. the canons more cos you get so much more for your money. simple.

10 03 2009

settle it with one question, which one gets the best picures of the moon ?!

13 03 2009
Rj Vianzon

I just bought my D60 last week, and Im not satisfied with it’s picture quality. and I have’nt try the canon 450d yet. Im still thinking if I will be upgrading to 450D. Need to work for some cash though. But I recommend you guys not to buy D60, Yes it is cheap but it’s not that great cam as most of us think. Now I tried Nikon, I can say thar I will still go for Canon SLR, though Canon is quite expensive than Nikon. But you will have picture perfect photos with it. Im pretty sure with that.

Its good to have a thread like this. Till next time.

31 03 2009

Rather than mindlessly comparing specs and features I would suggest that you consider how the distinguishing features are likely to (1)enhance the quality of the photo itself, (2) create more opportunities for you to get a precious photo, and (3) enhance the photographic experience itself. Examples of each:

(1) A bread and butter issue: Nikon’s matrix metering system is reputed to produce very reliable exposures, which is a huge plus for beginners who will be trusting their meters. As the owner of a Canon 1000D/XS, I can tell you that the evaluative metering in this camera is not terribly reliable. I have not compared each side by side, but I think this is one area where Nikon stands out.

Active D-Lighting/Highlight Tone priority also fall in this camp. Which one is more effective? Do some research.

(2) Lenses lenses lenses. More than your camera body your lens is the single most important factor in getting amazing photos. Your kit lens will only get you so far before you yearn for something different/better. Personally I enjoy prime lenses. For this reason the D60 was not an option for me, as AF with older primes is not possible on that camera. Since the release of the new SWD Nikon 50mm f/1.4 and the 35mm f/1.8 lenses this seems to be less of an issue, but there are plenty of existing Nikon lenses that require the in-body motor not present on the D60.

Live view also belongs here. It has allowed me to get sharp photos where the AF system was limited (shallow depth of field situations).

High ISO capability: Image quality at ISO 3200 may not be great, but it might be just what you need to capture an amazing scene that would otherwise be impossible to photograph.

(3) Build quality, hand grip, viewfinder, overall ease of use – I didn’t give too much weight to these factors, but I would consider them more if I were buying now. At first I thought I could live just fine with the grip on the 1000D/450D (they’re the same shape with different materials), but the more I use it the more it bugs me. Also, the buttons on the Canons seem a little cheap and plasticky to me. In general, I’m more impressed with Nikon in this respect. That said, the Canon has lots of external controls and makes changing settings pretty straightforward. Spend some time holding each camera and truly consider which one feels best. This may be more important than you think.

15 04 2009

what’s the point of comparing a Nikon D60 to a Canon XSI. Canon wins hands down. D60 from my opinion is simply 1/2 tier lower than the XSI. I own a D200, a D90, a D60, and I used Xsi, Xti, 5D, let me tell you, D60 is the worst of them all in terms of tech specs, but for a real photographer none of them make too much difference than the others. Period.

24 04 2009

I have recently purchased a brand new XSi. If I had to choose between a full priced D60 and a full priced XSi, I’d take the D60, except if the XSi is at +50$ max for the bracketting feature.
The review felt quite biased, but it doesn’t change the fact it has good points. There’s many features on the XSi which are not worth the price.
I got lucky and got my XSi from someone who won it and didn’t want to learn dSLR. There’s always good deals running around. If you can get a super lens deal, buy the body for it. If you can get a super body deal, get it. If you can have both, even better!
I also got a brand new flash for almost half the price. The choice was obvious.

What I am unsure of now is the XS vs D60.

16 05 2009

I bought a 450D a month ago and am very disappointed. It is very hard to get a crisp shot either with the 18-55 or with a 50mm lens. I have read on several places over the net that there is a problem with the autofocus on this Canon. I regret I didn’t get the D60 because with my previous D40, I never got those blurry landscapes I get with the 450D. If I can bring it back to the store, I will get a D60 for sure.

17 05 2009

“canon are built by engineers and nikon are by photographers”

19 05 2009
Almost Pro

Actually. I have been into photography for about 4 years, and have used the D40,60,70,80, and 200. Its a lot more user freindly and the live veiw is useful for experimenting. (If you’re into that of course) The starter lens is aweful though. Take that into account if you’re just starting out. You’ll have to spend at least 200 to get a good enough lens to adequately compete with the D60,80 and D200.

20 05 2009


I own a Nikon D40 (6.1mp and proud of it) and I could not be happier with it! Please keep in mind that it’s not really so much the machine that matters as is the person holing it and shooting with it… I used to work at a local retailer in the imaging department selling cameras and it always made me laugh (inside) when people (some claiming to be pros) who knew absolutely NOTHING about cameras but they went with Canon or Nikon because this had X megapixels or that had Y focus points, etc and yet they had no clue what those things even meant! Buy what you can afford and develop your skills by practicing and having fun. Your pictures will not look any better because you are shooting with a 10mp camera vs a 4mp camera, etc. Certainly if you reach a certain skill level, you may want to get a camera that matches your needs, but let’s face it – most of us will be entirely content with something that will just take awesome photos! Cheers!

4 06 2009

“most of us will be entirely content with something that will just take awesome photos! Cheers!”

Both the 450d and d60 will probably do this and are certainly good choices for people who are just learning the ins and outs of photography. I happen to be one of those people and researched quite a lot on both cameras and the newer 1000d too.

These cameras are so close to each other on the technical front that it really doesn’t make a big difference for a beginner. Time spent on pondering which one to buy could be spent on learning the basics of photography and actually taking nice pictures.

Sure you might hit the limitations of these cameras and the kit linses in the future but then you have advanced to a point that you actually know enough on the subject to know what you need. Then you can base your future purchases on that knowledge.

As a beginner you can only research that neither of these cameras has obvious flaws and both will probably suit your needs for some time. Then just go with you heart (and wallet), and pick the one that looks nicer, is cheaper, feels better on your hand, sounds nicer, won the coin toss etc.

I’ll be going with the d60 18-55 kit mostly because of the lower price, active d-lighting and the less plastic feel of the actual camera. Sure, both are made of plastic but the finish was nicer on the d60 🙂

I don’t know if it was the ultimate best choice for me, but it was a choice never the less. That means that I will be actually holding my own new shiny camera some time in the near future and do what I really want when it comes to photography: be in the outdoors taking pictures, not sitting on the computer comparing spces 🙂

Thank you

7 06 2009

Hi all –
Excellent feedback by everyone. I too, am plagued with the decision between the two and being a newbie to DSLR. The two seem very similar. I was originally put off with the no AF on the Nikon, however will just buy an upgraded lens with one anyway. I don’t intend to be a professional photographer by any means and won’t move beyond novice (or what I consider above beginner). However I have few questions which would make my decision for me.

1) Which is better suited for sports/action/wildlife pictures (out of the box). I intend to use the camera on many trips with the kids as well as many outings to extreme/action sports events.

2) Which produces better immediate Jpeg pics (without the need of a photo editor of sorts)? I thought I heard/read somewhere that the Canon’s Jpeg pictures are too bright and too much contrast and some prefer to use RAW. Me personally won’t be using 3rd parties to truly edit the pictures (as I don’t know how). I’m the type of shoot it and use it so immediate quality picture is big for me.

Thanks much and look forward to hearing you thoughts/advice.

8 07 2009

I am a novice in DSLR cameras but decided to upgrade from P&S. One of my brother has D40 and the other one has XSi and after comparing the pictures they sent me, i decided to go for D60 (without checking the specifications).
Reason was that the D60 pictures were crisp and sharp with natural colors while the cannon pictures were bright and kind of saturated.
As i have to take almost 100% shots keeping the camera on Auto, I decided to buy Nikon. (Mind you I am a big fan of Canon)

10 07 2009

After i read all this comments before i had my first DSLR, than I go to local camera store, I’ve tried and compared 450D x D60 ’bout specs, body, lens, prices, and finally i decided to become Nikonian and take home D60 with me, it more handly, cheap, more variant’s for the lens and have a great pict with it.
there’s no doubt like Kenzo said up there:
“canon are built by engineers and Nikon are by photographers”

10 07 2009

Dear all..

Before i had my first DSLR, i’ve read all this comments ’bout 450D vs D60 , than I go to local camera store, I’ve tried and compared 450D x D60 ’bout specs, body, lens, prices, both of the cams are great cams, but i’ve to choice and finally i decided to become Nikonian and take home D60 with me, it more handly, cheap, more variant’s for the lens and have a great pict with it.
there’s no doubt like Kenzo said up there:
“canon are built by engineers and Nikon are by photographers”


10 07 2009

Dear all..

Before I had my first dSLR, I’ve read all this comment ’bout 450D vs D60 than I went to local cams store, I’ve tried and compared 450D x D60 ’bout the specs, body, lens, & prices, both cams are great, but I’ve to choice finally I decided to become Nikonian and take home D60 with me, because it more handy, more variants lens, cheap, and have a great Pict with it
there’s no doubt like Kenzo said up there:
“canon are built by engineers and Nikon are by photographers”


6 08 2009

focus focus focus = Nikon Nikon Nikon

26 08 2009

Before I bought my first DSLR camera, i made many many research(google, yahoo, some blogspots) what is the best entry level camera and brand, and I ended up choosing NIKON SLR. Got my d60 last April and im very much satisfied with it. In short, better camera quality (NIKON!!!! NIKON!!!!) and best hand of photographer equals great great photo.:D

27 08 2009
Brian Chew

To all,

It is good to hear that everyone is doing his/her own research and finding which one is better. Comparing Nikon with Canon is a debate that has been going on since don’t know when and will continue to do so. Reviews today is pretty much biased and/or lack of other information. The reviews are pretty common method through out, one model with another model. However, there’s a few more things to remember when doing review. It is GOOD to review model with another model. I just want to ADD a few more variables in making decisions.

What is your goal in photography?

If you’re just a standard person who wants to have a DSLR to play with, AND not thinking of going further into photography? Then either one would be fine.

If you’re thinking of doing it for a longer period, meaning perhaps to earn a living one day (part-time or full time) THEN more things will need to think about. Lenses (types and money).

Canon has way more lenses than Nikon but that’s not the main issue is there? I mean, you have a wider selection but you’re just using one. Example, Nikon has 70-200mm (previously one single model but now two), Canon has FOUR models of the same lens. So? If that matters to you, then you can make things out. So many Nikon users are fine with even one (previously).

Flash systems (wedding photography or other events comes to mind). If you’re into photography and would like to excel in Flash photography discpline, may change your mind once again. Everyone knows, including Canon users, the Nikon cameras have easier flash control systems than Canon.

Lastly, if you’re a consumer who is “very concerned about customer service”, you’ll find it EVEN harder to decided. If you “Google” for “Customer Service Nikon” and “Customer Service Canon”, the horrors on BOTH sides can make you change your mind. However, bear in mind, there’s only a small percentage of such happenings. If not, either company would have folded.

Remember when you do a comparison on cameras, it’s NOT only the model that you’re getting but the ENTIRE SYSTEM.

15 09 2009

Wow… after reading all of people opinions in this forum.. I have come to a conclusion that either nikon or canon will do fine. There is no right or wrong choices between these two. My brother has Canon 450D and my father has Nikon D60, both of them are very happy and proud of their photos taken by their cameras. As a middle man who is still researching which camera to go with, I will have to say that I like the picture quality better on nikon, it has a better colour and sharper feel in the image itself. After all, picture quality is what you are aim for as a photographer… So, I decided to buy nikon D60… wish me luck 🙂

21 12 2009
Graham Alan Simpson

“Canon has way more lenses than Nikon but that’s not the main issue is there? I mean, you have a wider selection but you’re just using one.”

I have to say, I find that a slightly odd statement. Perhaps you mean that Canon have more models than Nikkor currently? In the wider market, I can buy any Nikon-fit lens from after 1967 and drop it into my D60 in manual mode. EOS lenses are much more recent. On the other hand, for a user who wanted an “upgradeable point and click” I would possibly recommend the 450D.. At least till the D5000 came out!

5 01 2010

I have a Nikon D60 which I bought about 18 months ago. My son has a Canon 450D and I must say I prefer the colour rendition of the Canon. The other thing I find is that you don’t have to dive as deep into the menus to change the f number on the Canon as you do on the Nikon. It was a surprise, coming from an SLR, to find how awkward it is to change such a basic feature.

I find the colours on the Nikon are a bit vivid and have to be toned down afterwards.

10 02 2010

Let’s rethink this for just a little bit… We are talking about entry-level cameras right? And for entry-level, most are novice and soon-to-be photographer wannabes. Nikon and Canon hold several differences as well as similarities. While the Nikon D60 holds true to more vivid colors, the 450D’s AutoFocus function and Live View would be the clincher here. I was once a beginner at taking photographs and the AutoFocus function taught me what a quality picture should look like. After moving up the ladder on DSLR bodies, and having tried Nikon’s as well. Functionality will point you towards the Canon 450D. Nikon’s D60 is not as user-friendly like the 450D given that you have to dive in to the menu to make changes to your settings. The 450D’s user-frienldy feature makes it easier to make changes without going to the menus – and again, we are talking about entry-level cameras and functionality.

Hence, the conclusion that the Canon450D is better than Nikon’s D60. Photo manipulation when taken RAW can also spell the difference in picture quality.

My two cents…

11 02 2010

I’m an amateur so i’m gonna be objective here.I used a Nikon D40 (my friend’s) and let me tell you that it’s hard to take photographs at night without LIVE VIEW. It hurts your eye believe me!!!! Imagine looking into a tiny hole without light and trying to focus. This is the main reason I want the XSi.

19 03 2010

just converted from a minolta film base SLR, and first I bought the nikon d60, had similar problems with night pics, and user friendly menus, switched to the canon 450d, man what a difference! But I guess the biggest point i want to make here is that it’s all about what you want to shoot, and how you want to shoot it. It’s like comparing a prius to a silverado, what’s going to do what you need it to do?

22 03 2010

just bought a d60 and I need a lens for sporting events for my kids and clueless on what im doing, and really do not want to spend a ton on a new lens any advice? Thanks

26 01 2011

I think its not about cameras but how you use it efficiently. Canon or Nikon will be good to make it better will depend on the user or the photographer.

10 07 2012
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