SpringSource acquires Covalent

29 01 2008

Oh my, one more Open Source company acquisition, again. I’m finding harder and harder to keep up, with an almost daily occurrence of this kind of news.

SpringSource – Covalent: “On January 29, 2008, SpringSource announced that it has acquired enterprise open source leader Covalent Technologies. The acquisition brings together two open source market leaders and addresses widespread demand for a simplified application infrastructure based on the Spring Portfolio and Apache projects such as the Apache Tomcat application server, one of the most popular open source technologies in the world today.”

In this case, however, the buyer is not Sun, Oracle, or Nokia, but an Open Source company itself: SpringSource (born Interface21). Interface21 was formed in August 2004 and in a mere three and a half years it has grown so much that it was able to snatch up the venerable Covalent. Kudos to Rod Johnson and friends, and to their business model, which obviously seems to be working rather well.



One response

15 03 2008
Hippo acquires Bluesunrise at Agylen

[…] this it not even in the same league as Springsource acquiring Covalent, Sun buying MySQL, or Nokia getting their greedy, little hands on Trolltech, and I had never heard […]

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