Hippo acquires Bluesunrise

15 03 2008

Honestly, this it not even in the same league as Springsource acquiring Covalent, Sun buying MySQL, or Nokia getting their greedy, little hands 😉 on Trolltech, and I had never heard of Bluesunrise before, but still:

Bluesunrise becomes Hippo – Hippo Open Source Enterprise Content Management: “We are pleased to announce that Hippo, Dutch supplier of open source enterprise content management and portal software, has taken over all Bluesunrise activities. We may have a new name, but the core BlueSunrise team is intact and happy to continue providing the quality service you have come to expect. Being a part of Hippo means greater resources to better our service and create new and productive software.”

After all, the Hippo guys are our partners and, more important, they are good friends, so I cherish this acquisition and wish the best of luck to Hippo.

I have no idea how much they payed for Bluesunrise, but with the current valuation of the US dollar, it’s got to be peanuts 😉 . And to think that I’m still agonizing over which camera to buy!.




2 responses

15 03 2008
Massimiliano Dessì

Interesting, Bluesunrise it’s a company (David Sean Taylor) behind Apache Jetspeed,
jsr 168 and jsr 286 portlet specification.

16 03 2008
Matthias Wessendorf

Congrats to Arje and co. This sounds interesting!

Good luck! and see you in Amsterdam!!!

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