Alfresco Mail Attach Action

28 03 2008

I am proud to announce the immediate availability of the Alfresco Mail Attach Action, a custom action for Alfresco ECM that allows sending documents as email attachments.

sourcesense-logo.gifThis is my first contribution to the Alfresco Forge and it’s a very small thing, but hopefully the first of many more to come. As you might know, Alfresco is the leading provider of open source Enterprise Content Management systems and my employer, Sourcesense, is an Alfresco Gold Partner. Alfresco being an open source product meant that we were able to quickly and easily extend the existing Mail Action without having to reverse-engineer it. Try doing this with Sharepoint!

The Alfresco Mail Attach Action is distributed under the GNU Public License v2.




One response

29 03 2008
Ian Morrish

SharePoint already provides “Send Link to document via email” out of the box. This is good in that it reduces duplicate copies of the document.
If you do want to actually email the document to someone outside of your CMS system then there is no “reverse-engineering” required. Just look up the extensive documentation:
How to add actions to the user interface
It is so simple even a girl can do it 😉

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