Please, help us grow!

8 05 2008

sourcesense-logo.gifIt’s that time of the year again when we make plans for the growth of our company and we realize we need more people.

We’re looking for developers who would like to work for a small company with a strong orientation towards Open Source, as in wanting to actively participate in Open Source communities and give back as well as take. We like agility, focus, getting real. We like to communicate openly: Open Source is mostly about communicating with your peers, after all. We have strong international ties, so you could find yourself traveling a bit, mostly across Europe, but we can also offer telecommuting arrangements if you like working from home.

What we need mostly are young software developers who are well versed in the Java language and its platform. You will need to become familiar with one or more of the products of our partners. This means: Alfresco, Atlassian, JBoss, Terracotta, Hippo CMS and others. Ideally we’d like to have at least one product specialist for every one of those, helping customers implement solutions based upon them. Working towards this goal, we will define with you an appropriate learning path.

If you’re interested, send your resume (in text, HTML or PDF formats only; any other format will be rejected immediately) to We’d love to hear your story.



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