Poll: Do you believe in God?

24 05 2008

As this very scientific poll shows, half the residents of the Vatican are atheists? Who’d have thought?


Via: PZ Myers.




8 responses

30 05 2008

A wise man once said, with the right amount of data you could prove anything, well turns out he wasn’t lying.

power of statistics, lol

8 06 2008

non molto scientifico ma comunque interessante. L’Italia con il 40% ha una delle percentuali più basse tra i paesi europei.

30 11 2008

Well you don’t need data to prove things.
That is why there’s such thing as theories.

Yes I believe in God.

26 02 2009

Bible says that the earth is about 6000 years old and that’s a lie, we all know it. If the God is perfect, all-knowing, loving and right, then he shouldn’t make that mistake and write it on bible. Also, pray to God that he appear and prove his self to you that he does really exist. After doing that, you won’t see anything happened, that’s the same effect as talking to a wall. But why does God is an imaginary? It’s because people were afraid to die so they made a bible to make everyone believe that when we die, we won’t disappear for ever, we will live an afterlife.

16 08 2009
greg jones

people who believe in god are out of their minds, religion=blood, realigion=war religion=fairy tale, you really believe in talking snakes…

5 11 2009

I don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe in Santa Clause.

6 12 2010
lane 1206

maybe you don’t believe cause you have never seen? i’m no advocate of fairytales, nor am I the believer of untruths. I , am , however, a believer! I believe in good, charity , good will towards others. I don’t need god to believe these things. I know they are true because i feel it. I don’t stand alone, but I stand with the few! some people are born without these values! for , them , I hope there is a hell on earth , or just some kind of hell to pay!For the matter, I have no proof to claim or disclaim. I’m just a firm believer!!!

6 01 2011

It is so sad that in society today, with all of this research and things, people need hard proof in order for something to exist… And to that, God didn’t write the Bible I hate to tell you, you need to learn your facts before you start saying things.

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