Why I am a sucker

28 05 2008

Ken Rockwell:

The Nikon D60 is a “sucker” camera sold mostly to people who are not professional photographers, but who are impressed by meaningless megapixels.

I guess I’m a sucker then, since I just bought a new Nikon D60. But Ken also writes:

The D60 is an excellent camera, but for most of the people who will buy it, it’s the same thing as the $300 less expensive D40. I’d suggest getting a D40 and putting the $300 towards more lenses and/or a bouncable flash.

Nikon D60The fact is that for me the difference would have been only about 70€, since I could get the D60 for £391 (about 490€) at the Gatwick duty free shop, where they do not have the D40, which I was only able to find in Italy for about 420€. I guess that with some research I could have found the D40 in London for a much better price, given the current, favorable EUR-GBP exchange rate, but I decided that the convenience of taking out my credit card and grabbing the D60 while on my way to the boarding gate was too good to miss.

The D60 is also quite a bit cheaper than the Canon 450D, which is a very nice camera too, but I wasn’t prepared to pony up the extra money.

In the end, I give you the permission to call me a sucker, but I’m pretty happy so far with my purchase, and this consideration very much trumps everything else.



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