On Microsoft and the ASF

26 07 2008

feather.gifIf you’ve read this, you should also read this:

ASF membership cannot be bought: people earn their individual membership by merit, and there’s no such thing as ASF member companies.

As with any other sponsor of the ASF, Microsoft’s sponsorship only means that they’re giving money to the ASF, money that the ASF can use freely, as the ASF does not accept directed donations.

Thanks to Bertrand for setting this straight, even though fighting sloppiness in news reporting is a losing battle.

But anyway, this is indeed great news. I’m not sure we can really get Microsoft’s love, after all, but the money is more than welcome 😉

And as a matter of corporate pride, let me congratulate Gianugo and Sally, who contributed quite a lot towards this agreement!

I am also happy to learn that all issues concerning Microsoft-funded contributions to POI made by Sourcesense have been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.




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