Joost v2

19 09 2008

I haven’t been working for Joost for quite a while, more than one year actually. But I knew already then that they were working on a new web version of their player, one that runs in-browser instead of requiring users to download and run a dedicated software program.

Today’s announcement from CEO Mike Volpi marks an important milestone towards this elusive goal: you can now watch Joost in your browser, even though it still requires the download and installation of a plugin, so this is not yet the promised Flash-based version. I understand it will eventually come, but this version at least gives you a first impression of things to come. Better than nothing, I guess.

This is good, and I sincerely hope it will really make Joost popular, at last. What is less good is that the choice of programs is still quite anemic, at least in Europe (but I know it’s much wider in the US, blame the majors and their being anal retentive with rights).

Another sore point is that, even after all this time, navigation among channels still sucks. Is it really hard to present shows according to the series they belong to? Channels usually contain several series, but I might be interested in just one of them, so why is it that I can’t get, say, all episodes of Total Recall 2070 on a single page?

I hope they’re reading this and will correct this oversight soon. As for the rest, keep up the good work, as I think the idea is still cool and sound.




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