Blame the atheists

22 11 2008

Wow! I thought the WSJ was a serious, reputable journal, and that you had to have some intelligence, insight, and decency to be allowed to get your words published on it.

That seems not to be the case, if any idiot with an axe to grind, like Daniel Henninger, can simply write down a list of fallacies and non-sequiturs, depicting an alternative universe that has no basis in reality, and still get published.

Witness this column, where he can do no better than to blame atheists and secularists, and the war they are supposedly waging against Christmas, for the current financial meltdown. As if your poor, wrecked, fucked-up, war-mongering country, had not been run for the past eight years by a gang of corrupt, self-professed Christians, whose ideological pillars were evangelical faith and unbridled laissez-faire.

And now, when you are so deeply in shit because of these people and of the evangelical base that contributed to elect them, you Mr. Henninger have the gall to ask for more of the same? You are so completely out of your mind, Sir!

Also, you claim that “responsibility, restraint and remorse” were the ballast that stabilized free markets, and that somehow religious people possess these qualities in larger quantity than no-religious ones.

Bullshit! I say.

The only quality that the people governing financial institutions and big companies have ever exhibited is remorse. Naturally, some of them, show some form of remorse after the damage is done and exposed. Witness Ken Lay (a good Christian, by all accounts).

They seldom, if ever, demonstrated responsibility, and only the force of the law taught them some restraint.

Blaming the descent of secular values from the North onto the good, old religious values of the South for this situation is blaming the victim for the crime, which just adds insult to injury. The reason why restraint was lost is not because of a supposed decadence in moral values fostered by the “war on Christmas”. It’s because the gang of thugs you elected for governing your country, Mr. Henninger, lifted all forms of regulation in order to benefit their cronies, creating the biggest example of a privately-run socialist state in the process. A state where profits are private and losses are public.

And all of this while lighting up Christmas trees and going to church every Sunday.




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