The Cthulhu Tract

17 01 2009

By way of Charlie Stross, I came upon The Cthulhu Tract, which can be amusing if you are a fan of HPL and have ever seen a Jack Chick tract.

Why We’re Here

I wonder whether PZ Myers knows about it 😉




One response

10 06 2009
John Constantine

That’s a great parody, but there was one that came out before that one, I believe. I think the man’s name was Howard Hallis (but could be mistaken) and his Cthulhuoid tract was called “Who Will Be Eaten First”. Chick’s boys found out about it and threatened to sue him for “copyright enfringement”, and he took it off the web. However, copies of it survive to this day on numerous other sites. Anyone interested can run a simple Google search on the phrase “Cthulhu Chick tracts” and you’ll come into contact with it right on the first 10 entries.

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