Job-related updates

4 05 2009

Sourcesense LogoSince it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about job-related events, here’s a recap of a number of things that made—or should have made—the news in the last few weeks.

First of all, we made a big splash by being named EMEA JBoss Partner of the Year at the Red Hat Summit in Malta, last April. Quite an achievement, I’d say, fueled in a not so small part by the dedication of our colleagues Luca and Piergiorgio, who have been named committers for the JBoss Portal project.

We are also ramping up our contributions to various Open Source communities. Let me just mention our OpenSSO connector for Alfresco, a project started by Gustavo that has just gone officially live on our new “forge”:

Finally, we are investing a lot of effort into this CMIS stuff that has everybody in the content management world interested. I personally got my feet wet with a 2-day “plug fest” that was held at Day Software’s headquarters, in Basel last week. Watching all those CMS vendors getting together to test the interoperability of their systems has been invigorating. Too bad nobody from either Microsoft or Oracle was there, but I guess getting approval for travel these days is not easy, so we will probably see them at a similar event in the US soon.

We are also going to get involved a lot in the new Apache Chemistry project that has just started its incubation phase at Apache. Stay tuned!




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14 05 2009
Alfresco Tech Talk Live @ 12pm EST, Friday May 15st, 2009 at Agylen

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