Bullshit Graphs

28 05 2009

This is bullshit. You can tell it is bullshit by the fact that there is no unit declared for the Y axis and there is no credible source for all the data that is shown in this graph.


This is bullshit too. for exactly the same reasons.


Actually, the second is even more bullshit than the first. It’s been drawn by Vic Gundotra of Google and what does it show at the top of the curve of browser innovation? Google Chrome, how strange!




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30 05 2009
Laurens Holst

Yes haha, highly amusing that graph :). I passed it around to work colleagues when I saw it. I didn’t know that User Experience was so quantifyable! Wonder what’s on that ‘native’ line that seems to bob around so arbitrarily. And what’s up with that twist in the line between Firefox 3.5 and Chrome 2? ^_^.

The only thing I can think of this meaning is that they made some graph about something else which they thought could somewhat represent ‘user experience’, e.g. number of Youtube users or JavaScript usage on the web, and just put the browsers on that line at the time they were released. In which case Chrome isn’t the cause of the increased user experience, but just the latest browser on that timeline :).

Ooh, marketing graphics. Gotta love it.

30 05 2009
Laurens Holst

Except of course that the browsers are evenly spaced apart horizontally, while their release dates are not, so that can’t possibly be it!

29 08 2009

nothing wrong with the first graph, its data visualization, and depicts the rise and fall of trends in fields from media. not sure about its accuracy, but it communicates effectively i’d say. the vertical scale doesnt have to be defined, it is all relative to the set of topics.

30 08 2009

The former is amazingly original in graphics: who cares about content? Just put it on Flickr… 😀

18 11 2009

Where is IE on that 2nd graph? lol I have studied that first graph a little more than I want to, now that I have a headache but I still don’t quite get it.

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