Nikon D60 kit up for grabs

6 03 2010

Update: The D60 has now been sold, and the 55-200mm will be sold soon.

I am breaking a long silence on this blog for a short announcement. Activity on the blog will resume as soon as I have made up my mind about the direction it should go. I am considering abandoning all geeky topics and turning it into a photo blog or portfolio site, but I have more pressing things to do at the moment.

My Used Nikon D60 FOR SALE

In the meantime, due to my recent upgrade to a D90, I am selling my old D60 kit, with accessories.

This camera was bought in May, 2008 and is in near-perfect conditions. It has taken less than 10,000 photos, including most of those in my photostream.

It comes with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR kit lens, which is in near-perfect conditions as well.

I have the original packaging and all of the original accessories (battery, battery charger, lens caps, strap holder, cables, manuals, software, etc.).

I am adding the following bonus accessories to the pack:

  • 1 extra, original Nikon EL-EN9 battery
  • 1 2GB SanDisk Extreme III SDHC card
  • 1 Nikon ML-L3 remote
  • 1 Tiffen 52mm clear UV filter
  • 1 Hama shoulder bag
  • 1 mini tripod

The product is sold AS IS, with no warranties.

The price I am asking for the whole package is 350€/300£/450$ plus shipping. Payment via PayPal is appreciated.

In case anyone is interested, I might add a Nikkor AF-S DX VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6 G ED lens to the package.

Mail me if you need more information. More pictures here



3 responses

7 03 2010

keep the 1 Nikon ML-L3 remote it works pretty well on the D90. Think about a good tripod (gitzo no alternatives) for the kind of pictures you’re doing lately you need a lot of practice in composition. Well to be honest even a manfrotto 190 (not pro) may do the job. Today I’ve been picturing roundabouts with it all day long and did not miss my carbon gitzo.

7 03 2010

My dear friend, the D90 kit came with another ML-L3, so now I have two. As for the tripod, I have the 190 already ;). If I used it more, I might consider a lighter, carbon alternative, but for now the 190 will do.

8 03 2010
Jukka Zitting

I don’t need the kit, but I’m interested if you’re willing to sell the 55-200mm lens separately.

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