Alfresco 3 Web Services Book

2 09 2010

If you were wondering why I wasn’t updating this blog very often (or at all) during the last few months, I have an excuse: I was too busy writing a book!

Finally, Alfresco 3 Web Services, Build Alfresco applications using Web Services, WebScripts and CMIS has been published and I just received my complimentary author copies. You can order it, either as a PDF or as a dead-tree version, from the publisher’s website, or from

This is the book you need if you are considering developing applications that need to use the services of the Alfresco Open Source ECM system, and it covers everything, from SOAP-based Web Services, to Web Scripts and REST, to CMIS. If you want to get a sample of the book’s content, you can download a sample chapter (Chapter 5: Using the Alfresco Web Services from .NET ) freely.

I have a couple copies that I could sign and give away. I will have to think of something, like a contest, who knows?

I would also like to thank my co-author and colleague, Piergiorgio Lucidi, for accepting to join me in this crazy enterprise and working hard to make it finally see the light of day.




One response

3 09 2010

well, congrats pal! your knowledge and Piergiorgio’s have been finally persisted!
funny enough, free chapter sounds sooo familiar 🙂


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